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I, Shana L. Brost, County Auditor of Mercer County, North Dakota, give notice that the real estate hereinafter

described has a lien for delinquent taxes against if for the year 2011, and unless the tax and special assessments,

with interest, penalties, and cost of foreclosure action are paid, on or before October 1st after the date of this

notice, the real estate will become the absolute property in fee of this county, subject to the lien for installments

of special assessments certified or to be certified to the county auditor or which may become due subsequent to

the time of service of this notice, and the former owner, mortgagees, lien holders, and other interested persons

therein will be forever foreclosed and barred from asserting any further rights to the real estate.  The following

is a list of the real estate on which the tax lien will be foreclosed on October 1st.  Opposite each description of

the real estate appears the name of the owner of the record title, and the amount which must be paid to satisfy

the tax lien.  Failure to include the street address in the notice does not affect the validity of the notice.


Description                                                      Name of Record – Title Owner                                  Amount


City of Beulah

Lot 28, Blk 2, Hintz 2nd Addition                  Bridgett Lindemann                                                   $973.81


City of Stanton

S 85’ Lots 5&6, Blk 15, Original TS              Thadius Lais                                                                $276.65



 Given pursuant to authority of law this 18th day of July, 2014

 Shana L. Brost

 Auditor, Mercer County, North Dakota










Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is compiling a hiring list for full-time/part-time employment as Control Room Operator/Correctional Officer; and Deputy Sheriff. Applications received are for FUTURE job openings and will be kept on file for one (1) year. Interested applicants can obtain an application by calling 701-745-3333. Completed applications must contain a cover letter and resume and be mailed to: Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, “Job Application”, PO Box 39, Stanton ND 58571-0039